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2017 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Suburban

2017 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Suburban

2017 Ford Expedition

2016 Chevy Suburban

365 HP Horsepower 355 HP
420 lb-ft Torque 383 lb-ft
9.200 lbs Maximum Towing Capacity 6,300 lbs
Standard Keyless Ignition Available on higher trims
Optional on this model Heated Seats Available on higher trims

Hectic schedules and jobs make having the right SUV a crucial part of your life. When it comes to purchasing a SUV that is capable of providing excellent comfort and ultimate power, you want the best one to get you where you need to be! If you have been searching for something that is versatile and durable to help you get through your daily to-do list, then we recommend that motorists around the Oakland CA area take a look at the 2017 Ford Expedition.

To show just how exceptional this SUV is, we're taking a glance at the 2017 Ford Expedition XLT next to the 2016 Chevrolet Suburban LS. While both of these SUVs seat up to eight passengers, it is Ford fans who will be getting the most out of their vehicle in their day-to-day use.


Oakland Area Drivers Get More Power, Space and Amenities in the 2017 Ford Expedition


Durability and stability are two key factors that are essential in any SUV, and motorists at our Ford dealer near Oakland CA, will note that the 2017 Expedition exhibits both of these features. With 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, the Ford SUV pulls ahead of the Chevy Suburban. Paired with a maximum towing capacity of up to 9,200 lbs, the 2017 Ford Expedition can chug around more than the 2016 Suburban whether it is towing children, passengers, equipment and gear.

If you are the type of driver that tends to forget where they placed their keys, the 2017 Expedition has a standard Keyless Ignition system where you will not need to worry about that! Just press the brake pedal and push the ignition button and boom - you’re off! The Suburban on the other hand, can only offer that on other higher trim levels. Another beneficial extra is the option of heated seats for when it gets a tad to chilly, or for when you just want a toasty seat to sit upon. This option cannot be found on the 2016 Suburban unless you upgrade to a higher trim level or a completely different model.

Overall, with better power, space and extra amenities, the 2017 Ford Expedition is the better option over the 2016 Chevy Suburban.To learn more about the 2017 Ford Expedition or to schedule a test drive, contact San Leandro Ford at (888) 960-9323.

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